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Dear D'Lights
Greetings Dominique, Joe, Blaize and Caroline.
Well your group name certainly lives up to its reputation! Your performance was not only delightful but also a plethora of other descriptors which result in the fabulous entertainment you delivered.
You not just present well (I loved your dresses Dominique and Caroline-and you gentleman also looked amazing) but your friendliness and smiles just light up the room. Added to your talent and beautiful individual voices, the performance was just fantastic especially with the addition of the lovely harmonies. Just beautiful. Thank you so very much.
All the guests at George's surprise 70th birthday party loved your performance and song choices and in addition, it is definitely the entertaining delivery and rapport with the audience which is top-notch and so toe-tapping, arm waving and desire to sing-a-long with you. Those who did get up and dance had a fantastic time and none so than my grandchildren and the neices and nephews. The oldies also enjoyed the dancing. Just overall great entertainment.
I am so glad that I booked you and am so happy that you were available on the night.
Thank you Caroline for your excellent, prompt and efficient communication which kept me always well-informed of your plans and accomodating my wishes as well. So much appreciated. I also appreciate you allowing me to have song choices as well but even if you chose your songs fully, they for sure would have been 100% great choices. You have an extensive repertoire which was enjoyed by all at the party.
A fun and most enjoyable evening due to your meticulous, entertaining performance.
Best wishes to you all in everything that you do and I wish you every success.
Mary and Family

The D'Lights,
We would like to express our appreciation for the wonderful contribution you made to our 50th Wedding  Anniversary last Saturday. Your repertoire was amazing and the performance of the music you selected was just brilliant.
All our guests greatly appreciated your music. Thank you for playing requests from our friends and family. Thank you for the fantastic atmosphere you created. You made our day.
Best wishes to you all,
Mark & Adele, The Gardens on Forest